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Happy Year 2005!


May all of us share the blessings of God and proclaim His glory in loud refrain!


It is our joy and happiness to see and feel that we had survived year 2004 amidst its hardships and concurrences in our daily activities. No matter how frustrating our failures, still we stand straight and fought back with strength and guidance from the Almighty Father. No matter how big our problems, but still we had our hope that in every trouble, solution follows.


The Franciscan Deaf Center is continuously growing amidst the challenges. We fought problems and trials, day in and day out, with strength, courage and patience. We are aiming to see that clear and wonderful light shining beyond the luminous clouds. 


Our main ingredients for that goal; sincerity, dedication, love and commitment! With this, we can assure to our supporters and benefactors the essential factors in order that our organization will grow, expand, and last for many years. The ingredients must work hand in hand, possess by every members, for a brighter Franciscan Deaf Center.


First Year Deaf High School Students

Calbayog College Deaf Students

To our supporters, international and local, our sincerest gratitude for the whole year of support to us. We are very fortunate to have you, to support us in every single way you can. The love you’ve shown to us is our treasure. With that, we are giving it back through our achievements in our studies, programs, and services. Your prayers are our guiding path day by day.   


Please feel free to surf our website. It contains the 2004 activities of Franciscan Deaf Center and its 2005 Plans.


May the Almighty Father guide us always in our daily activities.

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