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About Us
Welcome to Sangkay San Deaf Franciscan Deaf Center Web Site!

        We are very happy to announce to all of you, our deaf friends, parents, SPED teachers and other people concerned with the Deaf in this world, that we have launched a home page entitled SANGKAY SAN DEAF a Waray term meaning FRIEND of the Deaf in English.


        We would like to call our community Franciscan Deaf Center but SEC disallowed us to use this name because it has already been registered with them by another group.


         On October, 2002, we have decided to use SANGKAY SAN DEAF for our newsletter for people in Calbayog, Western Samar where our mission was born. Now, we have decided to use the same name for our application with Securities and Exchange Commission. 


       We are opening this Home Page to let the family members and friends in provinces of the FDC Deaf know the current activities and policies of FDC. We would also like to communicate with the other Deaf and Hearing friends of Deaf with whom we can share our experiences mutually. By keeping our communication lines open, we expect that this Home Page will grow from Sangkay San Deaf (Friend of the Deaf) to Pagkaurusa San Deaf (Independent Deaf). This is our true goal.


       Enjoy touring our home page and stay with us!


Sangkay San Deaf FDC * 69 San Pedro Bautista Street * Quezon City * 1104