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Calbayog Dormitory Construction

2004 Year Ender Report
2004 Mission Reports
2005 Plans

The Franciscan Deaf Center is getting bigger and better. With it, we are extending our services in Calbayog City. The organization will build a dormitory in Calbayog for the Deaf students.


        Why build in Calbayog?


1.    Calbayog City is where the first branch office of FDC is located.

2.    The goal and mission of FDC is to serve Deaf in provinces.

3.    CKC Deaf High School was built in Calbayog City as 1st High School for the Deaf in Samar Island.

4.     Deaf students – elementary, high school and college Deaf students from far places are studying in Calbayog City.

5.    Many Deaf – children, youth, and adult are present in neighboring places in which education is very much needed for them.