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Mission 2

2004 Year Ender Report
2004 Mission Reports
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by: Ma. Lovella A. Borja

Children are mirrors of our own dreams, wishes and fears. Watching them at play brings back memories of our own childhood, and causes us to ask questions about our own life’s purpose.


But what if the child you were faced with was missing a voice, can’t speak or hear, or slow in development especially in mental aspects? What questions would you think? What would you feel? How these special children regarded as helpless beings that needs special care and treatment. They normally get the least attention from society as they are wrongly perceived to be unproductive and unworthy of attention.


When FDC was conceptualized, the group shared the same vision, mission and goals. Having the same ideals, every member contributed some activities reaching out to other/far places.


It was on July 18, 2004, a recollection for the especial children was held at Sto. Niņo Church, in Tacloban, City. It was facilitated by Fr. Hozo S. Sato, OFM, FDC director with the aid his members - three Deaf and three Hearing interpreters.


Sto Niņo Church, Tacloban City is a community based organization. Its programs encompass personality interaction, good leadership, social responsibility enrichment, with deepen prayerful life – that is to follow our model St. Francis of Assisi.


FDC aims to reach out the youth and communicate the Deaf “in gospel message”, in a child-friendly manner and appropriate way. It provides peer to peer sharing on the center of the topic about “RECONCILIATION” and seeks to restore the youth’s faith and trust in their community.


The small group of interaction composed of the Deaf in different grade levels, illiterate and mental retarded group. The persons who handled were the following:


        Joseph Grecia             -   High School and Deaf adult group

        Josephine de la Peňa   -   Grade IV Deaf

        Myra Fe Fulguerinas    -   illiterate group Grade level 1 – 4

        Mavel Borja                -   Grade V Deaf group

        Imelda Dayoan           -   Grade VI Deaf group

        Hyline Asayas             -   MR group


The participants who attended the recollection were about 54 deaf and 6 mentally challenge persons. Some parents of the deaf were there to accompany their child. After the sharing, short reflection was done, basic prayer teaching - Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be. Then, an individual confession followed and the last activity was a Eucharistic Prayer officiated by Fr. Sato, Ofm. During the gospel, the readings were presented by short performances by the members of FDC.


The recollection was ended by a gathering at Densum restaurant and together ate our lunch. That was our mission - successfully achieved.


A mission is a journey. Mission is molding. Mission is bringing people together. That’s what we are.


It is important that we earned their trust to fully understand their conditions and to reach out to them and equip them with information on ways to go on their faith.


Despite the opposition and challenges, FDC had remained firm on its stead, eventually earning respect and support of the people in their community.