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2004 Year Ender Report
2004 Mission Reports
2005 Plans
Welcome to Sangkay San Deaf Franciscan Deaf Center Web Site!

Brothers/Sisters in Mission:



            Good day!


            The Franciscan Deaf Center is continuously growing amidst the challenges that hinder the organization. We are now on our delicate year, for we fight problems and trials, day in and day out, with strength, courage and patience. We are aiming to see that clear and wonderful light shining beyond the luminous clouds. 


            Our main ingredients for that goal; sincerity, love and commitment! With this, we can assure to our supporters and benefactors the essential factors in order that our organization will grow, expand, and last for many years. The three ingredients must work hand in hand, possess by every members, for a brighter Franciscan Deaf Center.


            We are happy to inform you, that the dream of the organization of building a Deaf High School in the Philippines is now realized. The said school is located at Calbayog City, Western Samar, Visayas part of the Philippines. The construction was started last June 14 and hopefully to end after 3 months of working. As of now, we have 12 Deaf High School students pursuing their secondary level. Moreover, the organization is currently borrowing a room for the classes.    


            The organization had its first Franciscan Deaf Center provincial branch at Calbayog. Together with the college Deaf students, who transferred from Our Lady of Angels Seminary to Christ the King College in Calbayog, the Deaf High school students and elementary pupils studying in Calbayog Pilot Central School, the organization already found its home, living as one family, in one typical dorm.


            Your prayers are our guiding path day by day. We are so blessed and thankful to have you, as part in our organization, in our Deaf missions, and in our life. The organization is also thankful for your support morally and financially.


            May the Almighty Father guides us always in our life activities.




Sincerely yours,


Fr. Hozo Sato

FDC Director