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2004 Year Ender Report
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15 Deaf Pupils Housed in Franciscan Deaf Center Calbayog City


There are fifteen deaf pupils being housed in the Franciscan Deaf Center, Calbayog City, SY (2003-2004). There are eight girls and seven boys. The following are the list of the Deaf children who live in the dormitory with their respective grade levels and honors received.


NAME                   GRADE                       HONORS




1.     Nizza Salem                         I                       First Honor

2.     Gina Labana                        I                       Second Honor

3.     Marissa Socapco                 I                       Third Honor

4.     Angel Septo                        I                       Fourth Honor

5.     Rosalyn Barandino              I                        None

6.     Annalyn Billante                  I                        None

7.     Maria Ana Rojas                 V                       None

8.     Ezel Magbutay                    VI                      None




1. Rowell Espino                      I                       Fourth Honor

2. Jomar Troyo                       I                       None

3. Michael Dealagdon Botas     I                       None

4. Mark de los Reyes               I                       None

5. Joseph Esciete                    II                      Second Honor

6. Jayson Esciete                    II                      Third Honor

7. Danreb Gabon                     V                      None


Ninety-nine percent (99%) of them belongs to a poor family that without the help of the FDC supporters such as benefactors and Japanese supporters, the education of these deaf children will not be made possible.


Also, with the cooperation of the parents of the deaf in the mission, it adds success to survive and finish the one year struggle of deaf education in Calbayog Pilot Central School, Calbayog City.


In addition to this, the deaf pupils are continually studying in the said school so that they will be able to gain more knowledge. With that, they will be able to communicate each other, pursue their education and enjoy a simple life.


The organization would like to say thank you to all the benefactors and supporters in Calbayog, who in one way or another have helped us. Through this, we are hoping and wishing that you will continue to support for the benefit of our deaf pupils.