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2004 Year Ender Report
2004 Mission Reports
2005 Plans

a. Three Deaf students were enrolled in Christ the King College, run by Franciscan Friars in Calbayog City taking AB in Philosophy.


b. One Deaf (Renato Cruz) was enrolled at CAP College for a degree course.


c. At the same time, the construction of the Deaf High School Building was started at the Christ the King College compound. It will be called the CKC High School for the Deaf donated by FDC.


d. The Deaf High School Class was also formally opened started with 12 Deaf students. The students were scholars of the organization. The teachers were also from FDC, 1 full time and 3 teacher aids. 


 Myra Fe Fulguerinas, full time teacher of the Deaf High School.


Teacher Aids:


Ma. Lovella Borja (hearing)                   Math teacher

Daichi Hayashi (Japanese Deaf)      -        Creative Drawing Teacher                                                   

Imelda Dayoan (hearing)                -        Computer Teacher

Fr. Hozo Sato                              -        Sign Language and English Teacher  


e. Scholarship Program was offered to 10 Deaf High School students.


f. 14 Elementary scholars were promoted to a higher degree.


g. Mass celebration for the Deaf in Calbayog.