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2004 Year Ender Report
2004 Mission Reports
2005 Plans

* A Deaf show was held for Rotary Club supporters in Manila.


* Launching of the scholarship grant 2005, entitled “Catechetical Course Program 2005 (CCP 05).


* Deaf College students spent their semester break at FDC Manila. Their study at CKC in Calbayog is going smoothly; however, more self-study is expected.


* A Deaf boy who came from DSWD as an orphan and adopted

 backed to dormitory in Calbayog after the life under the bridge 1

 month as a street child.


* Fr. Sato, Mavel, Garnet visit SPED Center in Borongan and Catbalogan.  


* Mass celebration for the Deaf in Calbayog and Mass and catechism in Tacloban.


* Fr. Sato visited Sped in Laoag and Sped at St. Louis University

 in Tuguegarao in order to discuss about free enrollment of the

Deaf from North Cagayan.